Custom New Home Construction

From start to finish, Wright Construction is your resource for building your custom home. Keeping you in the loop of each phase of the project is important both for your input and peace of mind.

During the initial visit, we will work with the client to establish the general type and scope of the project. We will determine the client’s priorities, vision and ideas as well as timeline and budget.

A preliminary Design will be created incorporating the client’s wishes as well as structural and building code requirements. Once the drawings contain enough elements of the proposed project our sub-trades will submit quotes and a reasonably accurate budget and timeline will be established for the client to review.

Upon client approval, we will then proceed with the final detailed drawings and engineering. It is important to take the time to make sure the client is satisfied with the drawing, so less revisions are needed to arrive at the desired conceptual design. With the final detailed drawings completed any permits applications will be summited to the local city.

Moving on to the specifics, the client will make their selections regarding personal choices for finishing material such as appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, tile, plumbing and electrical fixtures. We will review the schedule and any other concerns the client may have during the construction phase.

The exciting work now begins.  The construction phase will take the most time of the project and will show tremendous project as we progress week by week. We will keep the client informed of how the process is going throughout the stages, reviewing all material choices to their satisfaction.

After construction is completed, the client will be walked thought the entire finished project. It is extremely important to us that the client is satisfied with the craftsmanship of the project and that they are happy with their new home.

  • Site Consultation
  • Preliminary Design & Budget
  • Detailed Drawings & Sub-Trade Quotes
  • Engineering & Permit Application
  • Homeowners Material Selection & Order.
  • Project Schedule
  • Demolition & Construction
  • Final Walk Through & Deficiencies
  • Completion & Permit Inspection Finals