About us

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Wright Construction is owned and operated by Christopher Wright who has been dedicated to his passion for carpentry and building since a young age. Chris is a Red Seal Certified Journeyman Carpenter, his skill and keen eye for quality is the reason the company has grown substantially into a reliable source for all your construction needs. Just as the main structure of a house is the foundation, Chris strives to have the strongest foundation for his company. Every member of the Wright Construction team has a certain level of passion and care for their work, this method only results in outstanding quality and customer service.


At Wright Construction, we take great pride in our work. We believe that our work is a partnership with our clients to help them realise their vision for their home or business. We strive to have the strongest foundation for our company, and are committed to hiring licensed, qualified personnel with the knowledge and experience to provide exceptional service and to maintain our high standards. Our customers’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Managing a project is a discipline. The key to a successful project is organizing, motivating and controlling all contributing resources to achieve the customer’s vision of a beautiful, functional and luxurious home or business. We know that your home is a valuable asset, and any remodeling project represents not only an upgrade to your living environment, but a financial investment you would like to see a return on. What makes Wright Construction stand out from others is our accountability, we take full ownership of every project we do. We handle all design work, building approvals, engineering, sub-trades, material and labor associated with the renovation project. You only need to concern yourself with how you want the finished product to look like and we’ll do the rest.


Chris believes that great construction requires a transparent process, a professional management style, and superior service. It is important that you chose a builder for your project that you have good, open communication with. Our principals at Wright Construction are Professionalism, Innovation, Teamwork, Positive Attitude and Dedication to Quality Service